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Custom desktop applications (ERP/CRM systems)

Nireti was founded by programmers. This makes bigger and more complex projects not only a challenge for us but also a pleasure. We would like to offer you our best expertise for developing a complete software project where speed and complexity are requirements. In spite of the great progress in online technologies, in many cases it is more suitable for bigger companies to create an internal information system. Installed on a local server it would offer greater information exchange speed and internet connection independence. Desktop application technologies still have the advantage when it comes to providing tools for complex problems too. Here are some of the advantages of such systems:

  • speed in task handling and information exchange
  • local storage of data and improved access control
    (which in no case means that using online tools poses a risk to your data security, but of course you need to remember that it is 'out there')
  • possible integration with external devices for automation of data entering
  • utilizing of technology capabilities for most complex graphics generation, such as 3d
  • internet connection and internet service providers independence
  • we are here to build the functionality that off the shelf products don't offer
  • no 'per user' licenses - this is your software, use it on as many computers you like, with as many users you like

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Microsoft .NETSun JavaApple Objective-C

The technologies we use for desktop software development are Microsoft C#, Sun Java and Apple Objective-C. We also offer mobile applications for Android and iOS.

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Custom online applications and cloud ERP & CRM systems

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Custom desktop applications (ERP & CRM systems)

ability to utilize full hardware potential

integration with external devices,sensors and controllers

offering what off the shelf products can't