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Our services

Web design and web development
Anything from a simple online presence website or blog to a complex interactive backend system falls under our production scope. We will also make sure your content is easily found on the internet and will be there for you for technical support 24/7.
Custom web based software and cloud ERP/CRM systems
Technology has advanced to a level, where the complex functionality and user experience of desktop software can now easily be achieved with online tools which are accessible from your internet browser.
Online stores and e-commerce development
Selling on the internet is the way to significantly increase your business' revenue. We offer webstores and e-commerce development with free initial SEO included, so that your products can reach as many potential customers as possible.
Custom desktop applications and ERP/CRM systems
Fast, due to utilization of full device resources and external device compatible are few of the reasons why conventional desktop software is a good choice for business management.

Websites & online stores
E-commerce solutions


web design


content management

SEO (search engine optimization)

mobile optimization

social media integration

technical support

Custom online applications and cloud ERP & CRM systems

development of custom systems to match your exact requirements

tailoring your application to reflect your business needs at any point in time

easy access over the internet from mobile devices and any computer

low or no costs for IT personnel

Custom desktop applications (ERP & CRM systems)

ability to utilize full hardware potential

integration with external devices,sensors and controllers

offering what off the shelf products can't