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Custom web based software and cloud ERP/CRM systems

Mobility is key to contemporary business. We can provide software solutions that will let you do your work despite your geographical location. All you need is a device to get online, such as your smart phone. Here are some of the advantages of using online software:

  • secure access over the internet to your company's information from any point
  • hardware independence
  • no IT personnel costs
  • quick and easy technical support
  • same functionality and feel you get from desktop applications
  • functionality can be added easily on an affordable price
  • integration with your website, to offer unique services
  • integration with existing web based software

As a result:

  • you will streamline your workflow
  • you will save money by utilizing your employees' labor in the right direction
  • make less errors

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The technologies we use for our web based applications are: php, mysql, xhtml/html, css, javascript, jQuery, ajax, json, xml, flash and xsl.

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Custom online applications and cloud ERP & CRM systems

development of custom systems to match your exact requirements

tailoring your application to reflect your business needs at any point in time

easy access over the internet from mobile devices and any computer

low or no costs for IT personnel

Custom desktop applications (ERP & CRM systems)

ability to utilize full hardware potential

integration with external devices,sensors and controllers

offering what off the shelf products can't