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Web presence is a must if you are looking to get the most publicity of what you do. Nowadays the internet is the main information gathering tool and mobile devices are becoming the main tools for surfing the internet. Nireti offers web design and interactive web development at affordable prices. By choosing us you get:

  • free consulting during the process of planning of your website or online store
  • unique design and functionality
  • mobile version of your website
  • free initial SEO
  • free analytics of your website's attendance via Google Analytics
  • full content management control
  • ability to automatically integrate your site's content into the social networks
  • ability to integrate other software products or services into your site's functionality
  • ability to offer unique services to your customers through your website
  • 24/7 technical support

As a result of all that you will get:

  • more publicity
  • increased customer count and sales
  • easier communication with your customers and the ability to offer them more complex and useful services
  • corporate identity

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Nireti webManagerWordPressJoomla!Drupal

The default CMS we use is our own Nireti webManager. It allows us to utilize 100% of our programming skills and fulfill all your requests down to the very last detail with no limitations.

For those of you who prefer more conventional content management systems, we also offer website development in Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal and more.

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Websites & online stores
E-commerce solutions


web design


content management

SEO (search engine optimization)

mobile optimization

social media integration

technical support

Custom online applications and cloud ERP & CRM systems

development of custom systems to match your exact requirements

tailoring your application to reflect your business needs at any point in time

easy access over the internet from mobile devices and any computer

low or no costs for IT personnel

Custom desktop applications (ERP & CRM systems)

ability to utilize full hardware potential

integration with external devices,sensors and controllers

offering what off the shelf products can't